Published on 09/20/2017 10:37 am
Top 5 Tools That Are Winning At Data Visualization

Nowadays, everyone, from students to corporate executives and MNCs presence across continents needs to deal with massive amounts of data. Without proper analysis and understanding of data, both individual professionals and companies will not be able to utilize the data they deal with. That is where the concept of data visualization steps in. Basically denoting presentation of data in an easy to comprehend graphical and pictorial format, Data visualization enables users to gain more insight and make their points clearer to others.

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Tools for data visualization

While using Data visualization can be beneficial for organizations as well as working professionals, it is also important to pick suitable Data Visualization Services. In recent years, the arrival of many feature-rich software and apps has made dealing with data analysis and visualization easier. With such tools, you can convey your ideas to others and illustrate concepts in a vivid manner, without resorting to complexity. Below listed are some of the most popular tools used for data visualization nowadays:

QlikView- QlikView is among the top Data Visualization Solutions Providers you can count on. It issued by people from 100 countries and the user base keeps growing with time. The features are useful and the setup is very customizable- say the users. However, to utilize all its features and grasp the nitty gritty- you will need some time. Apart from data visualization capabilities, the software offers robust analytics tools and enterprise level reporting capabilities. Availability of third-party resources that can be used with it has led to its popularity.

Tableau- It is among the most widely used software meant for data visualization. Its ease of use and features to make interactive visualizations has led to the popularity. This is more suited for use in situations where a huge amount of data is analyzed and processed. This is one Data Visualization Services Provider that can be integrated with advanced database solutions like Hadoop, My SQL, and SAP etc.

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FusionCharts- This JavaScript powered solution is among top notch Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions used for data analysis and visualization. Its capacity to integrate with a huge number of frameworks and platforms has made it popular with enterprise users. It is popular for a range of in-built templates that can be used for building data visualization projects.

Highcharts- It is a commercial Data Visualization Solutions Provider and so requires licensing for usage. However, it can also be used in trial mode.  It's minimal learning curve and cross-browser support have made the service quite popular.

Datawrapper- This is another solution for data visualization that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The clear and simple UI of the software has led to its popularity, as it is. Its integration with various online platforms for data handling has also led to its popularity.

Where it all leads to?

There are several other software solutions that are being used for data visualization these days. Examples include Plotly and Sisense. Before you select one such app for personal or company needs, considering factors like licensing, integration with existing platforms and usability becomes necessary.

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